Just.. Something green..

I was bored (again) yesterday morning and too tired (again) to do any homework…
So I started drawing some random object, found in my surrounding (happens once in a while, good practice). This time it was some kind of palm… Have NO idea what it is – looks like a palm at least.. Mixed with bamboo (had troubles writing that word). (that combo makes me think of asparagus-broccoli -anyways, here’s the result of my tiredness…



Pika-Pikaaa! ^_____^

All I’ve done since coming home is.. Cooking (mashing potatoes that is). After that I’ve done (almost) nothing at all, except drawing this cutie though…


Hope I can concentrate better tomorrow, or else I’ll die during next weeks exam in physics and you’ll never hear of me again, can’t let that happen can we? ;P

Your dear, SockFusion

OMG! I drew something! 0_O

I think I was bored from head to toe during today’s physics lesson. Even all the way out in my fingertips – because, for the first time in a year – I drew something! Ok, it’s just one of those eyes (and yes I can only do the right ones good) but it’s a start right?


snow plow snow plough snow remover

I saw one yesterday, a snowplow! (words made of words that rhyme are funny to say). Or, to be accurate – very early today (It’s almost impossible for me to go to sleep the same day I woke up). Anyhow, I think he did a good job because now all the snow is gone! Even the one  that fell when I finally went asleep. Now we just need a machine that calms the wind, pulls the sun out of those clouds and clears the sky and we’ll have spring. Aaaah! live feelings when writing! (Just came to think of easter and pastel colours!). But, yeah if you have such a machine or know how to build one, use it or give me the instructions!

By the way, yesterday was awesome! I found myself utterly bored since half the family had gone to Malmö and 2/3 of the rest sat like potatoes on front of their computers (that leaves 1/6 which is me). So I looked up where they had placed the theatre in the (quite small but still big enough) town called Trelleborg, grabbed my little sister by the arm and flew up, up and away!

The result was;

  • Half a day of successful shopping
  • Lots of chocolate eaten
  • Endless melting watching Puss in Boots

I just adore that cat, so even if the story of the movie wasn’t great – his big eyes makes it an awesome film! And I found that bag I tought was sold out everywhere! Obviously they’re a bit retarded when it comes to fashion here in Trelleborg because there were loads of bucket bags in H&M so I finally got mine. Well, I can’t complain, guess Trelleborg is the right place for shopping since people doesn’t buy the things I want! (that’s how it is in Malmö, the sales are awfully boring). But.. now, this is a secret – read this and tell anyone about it, your computer/Macbook/Laptop or any kind of precious internet-device WILL turn into a giant mushroom! (ha! you thought it would blow up!).

Well, these are not really pastels but..

And so, now I WILL clean up my messy room… ^^

Yours truly, SockFusion

Weekly BOO! & YAY!

I’ve been taunted by this quietly whimsical disease which have made me feel utterly strange (I do not know what it is), since friday morning 4 am. During friday I ate absolutely nothing*, I wasn’t hungry since I felt sick or slept most of the time, I even had fever all of a sudden! And I lost two kg.

On saturday I ate both breakfast, lunch (which was the exact same as my breakfast) and dinner. But this night I got almost no sleep at all due to this terrible stomach ache and what feels like a hundred feverish dreams. Now, the problem is – I have no appetite at all. I am tired but I can not feel any hunger, as if I wasn’t in the need of eating. I still differ 1,5 kg in weight from friday which is odd since it has gone about 3 days now. Anyways…

This weeks BOO! is something I might have done myself sometime. You think it is perfectly fine when doing so but if you read an other persons posts of this kind you’ll feel really reaaallyyy bored. dot. I’m talking about compulsive blogging. Bloggers who are blogging about how sorry they are because they’ve been away for a while (months) or because they don’t know what to write or even how bored they are with blogging – asking the non-existent readers if they should carry on. It is one of the most meaningless things of the internet. If you don’t like blogging which you evidently don’t if you write posts like these – quit blogging, it’s just a waste of time. Real blogging is sharing something you can be proud of, making your voice heard, saving the things you want to remember, while others enjoy it. (p.s. you can have a secret blog as well but the first reason won’t work). I’ll throw this week’s BOO! at compulsive blogging!**

Best thing last so you’ll leave happy. This week’s YAY! is about my illness*. Despite my lack of appetite I actually found something I could eat. I’d like to show you a picture of it but the plate is empty. Toast with butter and honey. Last time I ate it I was around 10 years old. Juice is really effective when it comes to fast energy, but I can’t drink that now – that’s why honey is an awesome option. I don’t feel as tired anymore, so this week’s YAY! goes to – honey! ^^

*I am not a bulimic or anorexic.
**This blog’s only real purpose is to serve as a virtual diary to me and a way of improving my english vocabulary. But I’m also happy to share my thought’s with some non-existent readers.***
***Though if you do exist – rise in rebellion by commenting!


I think there’s a second dimension underneath my bed…

Yep, I’m quite sure of it. My bed breaks the laws of physics. See, I love knitted socks and I’ve been building up this theory that my bed share my interest. But not in the same definition – I think that it loves EATING my socks (I’ll have to school it). It is a terrible, terrible behaviour, it cannot by any manners of means – be accepted!!

Today I found evidence. I was vacuumcleaning my room and decided to go a bit deeper than usual, underneath that ill-behaved bed. So I found;

  • Five knitted socks
  • One canterbury (belonging to a keyboard which I’ve sold saying it included one)
  • Two usual socks
  • And last but certainly not least.. My precious PANDA!! (iPhone pocket that is)

Thought I’d lost it long ago;

*One dark december night my bed swallowed one of my purple knitted socks, the morning after I discovered it had spitted out two of my grey knitted socks. I do not know why it did so, perhaps it is allergic to strong colours and the double dose was too much for it to handle?


Pencil box

Sometimes I go downstairs to put dirty laundry in the dirty-laundry-basket (oh yeah, we have that service here). This time I stopped a few extra seconds to look at the washing machine, not sure why – but I’m glad I did. Because on that washing machine (ohh washing machine reminds me of raccoons.. they’re so so cute! ^^) – there was this.. pencil box!

This completely awesome pencil box! haha^^

*I did not steal this object. I live in a house with my family and the pencil box belonged to my mother who on my orders then gave it to me. I am nor was I a pencil-box-thief. By the way – this is the pattern Findus has on his pants…


My week is 48 hours

Found an interesting article when spending some of those hours, look! It made me ask myself what I’m doing with all the time I’m given living, which resulted in a little list (try this!).

Let’s see – what do I have to do?

  • Sleeping = 7 · 6 h
  • School (lunch included) = 5 · 7 h
  • brush teeth = 2 · 2 · 7 mins ≈ 0,5 h
  • Go to/from school = 5 · 1,5 h
  • Make dinner + do dishes = 4 · 1 h
  • Studying = 5 · 5 h
  • Exercise = 2 h
  • Shower = 0,5 h
  • Eat Breakfast = 7 · 0,5 = 3,5 h

that leaves me 48 hours to do whatever I want.

… what?? hmm… I have no idea about what I do for 2 days without knowing (simple logic there). But, I guess I spend most of that time, either reading or writing on the internet or stitching or playing with the camera ^^

But I’ll become more efficient – I promise! Because I always complain about how little time I have..

// SockFusion ♥

Eternal Fall, bike – take me away

Due to climate changes there were no snow on Christmas eve. Because of the changes, we instead live in an eternal atumn here in Sweden. There’s barely any snow here in the south regions, but it’s cold as ****! I’m wearing knitted shirts in school but I’m still freezing.. >_>

I long for summer, warm woundrus windless wide wonderful summer.. Or at least some spring ;P so that I can be outside again ^^ Then I’ll fix my bike, my old, though unfailing Crescent which I got from my great-aunt.

One of my dearest possessions. So I wrote it a poem haha^^


// SockFusion