[yawn] – Hello, Hello!

Been a while! But I caught myself willingly to post something today ^^

It must be the lack of sunlight here, because I’m oh so tired all the time and my skin isn’t any better :< [yawn] (again). School does certainly not make me more energized, had a math exam this morning so I began school at 8.10. Regular time for the rest of the week but not on tuesdays since we end school at 16.50… with PHYSICS! And it's laboration 0.0 . That's the lesson where everyone tend to end up laughing nervously on the edge to a mental breakdown since measuring stuff when your head is kinda spinning.. isn't easy as a pie..

We at least got to read the WHOLE english lesson ^___^
I'm reading – or was reading “one more day” by Mitch Albom. Sad story, great book and a lot of thoughts afterwards – READ IT!

[Changing subject completely]

Yesterday I finally got my package from H&M ^^. Some clothes that were on sale and a new duvetcover set ;P
I needed to freshen things up now when spring comes so I’ll change my icy lagerhaus set (nothing bad about lagerhaus though) for something somewhat juicier 😀 ~Have a look under the blocks of text…

Other than that, I’ve begun to paint my nails again, even put som sparkle on them and, this time I didn’t mess it up – easy to be unpatient when it dries…

One thing I’m especially proud of is the random thing I did friday morning. Had no idea we were going to practice chinese calligraphy in mandarin class, but we did! The instructor, who was a friend of our teacher was a physics student at the Lund University [Thinking about studying computer technology w chinese orientation there…]. He said I was quite good haha! (could be because I did the character at least 20 times over and over again before painting it on the ‘fine’ paper… heh – judge for yourselves…
I’m at least yearning for more… think I’ll bring out my own set of brushes and some ink ;P

*Just as Emil once did, the pink panther instantly fell asleep among the cherries… like a little pig. Though the time Emil did so… the cherries tasted a bit different XD

*My nails this week!

*The chinese character “Yong”,– pronounced with third tone. It means “Eternity” or “Forever”, “Always” which I sometimes want things to last.. but on the other hand – new things can be just as good!

// SockFusion


A cup of tea and some chemistry with that..

Bliget.. Wait what? .. Ok ok… *changes keyboard from Swedish to English* so – now autocorrect wont bother me that much anymore… We’ll start over again;

Bought a really cute box of tea last weekend (when it comes to design I sometimes just can’t resist things) and decided to try it out now. Cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours.. I eat it almost every day with sourmilk, sometimes even twice a day! Just hope I don’t get poisoned XD (yes it’s a little toxic in larger doses or many small doses, accumulating). Anyways, it tasted almost like chaï, which is one of my other favourites^^ hmm, think the top three would look a little like this;

    1. Peppermint (Herbal)
    2. Chaï (Black)
    3. Cinnamon (Black)
    4. Strawberry (Black)

O_0 I remembered the command for ordered list! Ah, well – all of this reminds me of two things;

    1. When I drank a liter of tea for breakfast
    2. When I worked in a small tea-shop

The first thing made it quite fun to dance.. I felt like a waterbaloon! XD and the latter one was just really nice, I was about 13 going 14 then and it was my first ‘real’ job. They sold interior stuff, candy and tea – lots of tea. I refilled the boxes, mixed tea and weighed it and packed it in small paper packages. Think I’m getting old, since I’ve come to miss that time…

Or it’s just because I have a ton of homework to do, like studying for the test in organic chemistry – so far three pages of rehearsal is written.. So I guess this is the point where I leave you, ;P
Though with a picture! ^_____^


Yours, SockFusion