So, now you’re wondering what I am?

Ah or not, it could be, that you’re just utterly confused by this whole page and wondering how to get out of here…

Well… I hope it’s the first and not the latter reason that brought you here, because I wont show you the exit.. BWAHAHAHA!!! 

I am, (right now) a 17-yearold swedish girl (I don’t know if I’ll mutate later, in case – I’ll keep you updated). I am, one of those lucky percent in this world who were born in a country where I get education, (this means that if you’re a stalker, I’ll probably act like I’m dead or got abducted by aliens from time to time). Since I know that nothing ever turns out as expected, I don’t have much of any future plans or dreams, you think that’s sad? You want to know what’s sad?? You’re sad!! -Because I just high-fived you in the face!! MAWHAHHQAHA!! ^w^ – Nah, I like being spontanious.. ^_^

I am almost… OBSESSED with my training and dieting (just a warning). Between 2010 and 2011 I gained a lot in weight. It was my first year in swedish gymnasium and things were a lot different from what I was used to. Stress made me eat HUGE amounts of cereal, yoghurt, sandwiches and chocolate when studying and right afterwards I ate double portions of dinner. I had to wear bigger jeans and eventually even those were getting a little tight. I had had ENOUGH and decided to weigh myself (during the period of over-eating I didn’t want to see the truth on the scale…) turns out I’d gained whole 9 kg. You know how it is – you KNOW it’s going to be bad, but you just don’t want to REALISE it, so when you see it… you go like.. ——->

So, I started running. I ran, experimented with food and dieting. Now I’ve lost all the extra weight and I’m even fitter than before I gained it. Even though it was so much job, I’m somehow glad it happened (gaining weight) – because I learned so much during the time loosing it. A naturally skinny person could be unhealthy all her/his life and die early. But I, who has a normal metabolism have learned not to and hopefully I’ll live a little longer – at least I wont be ill as much . Learning by doing .. it is…

I am not a doctor, pt or any other form of specially educated person in the subject of fitness and food. But I do know things from my own expirience, which sometimes can be better than research. If you’re put in the same, (or a maybe even worse) situation as me – I’ll be glad to help! Throw me a question! 

Otherwise, I am, as the most middle-class and higher people in this world, quite obsessed with asian cultures. I study mandarin chinese (planning on learning some japanese too), love sushi, have practiced both judo and taekwondo and watched anime.. so much – it almost ruined my schoolwork. Now, if you have the interests in knowing, my favourites are bleach, Ouran High School Host Club and Kuroshitsuji. hehe ^^ (And yes I love Sebastian)

Other than that, what I do when I’m not studying  is… sleeping!!  Nah, I do other stuff too.  Sometimes I go hiking with my friends, because eventhough I’m obsessed with my iPhone – I love being out in the nature (I am a scout), for example, I love climbing trees.. Once I thought I was scared of heights, but I doubt that nowadays.. Some of my other hobbies are photography, drawing/painting and also.. I like interior design, I’ve remodeled my room three times, the first time was when I was nine haha^^

Yes yes, that’s all folks,, have a happy time wondering what this piece of text meant…

// SockFusion


2 comments on “About

  1. I just loved ur blog as you have mentioned small things that we perform in day to day life and which are often neglected by most of the bloggers. Your blog gives the sense of reading autobiography. Keeping posting.

    • Oh thank you! Yeah, I feel like there’s no meaning of writing about what I ate for breakfast… over and over again in order to please some internet crowd (those non-exixtent readers). Just like I paint or do photography, I write when I feel like it (and have the time) ;P Think that’s the way it should be done ^^

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