[yawn] – Hello, Hello!

Been a while! But I caught myself willingly to post something today ^^

It must be the lack of sunlight here, because I’m oh so tired all the time and my skin isn’t any better :< [yawn] (again). School does certainly not make me more energized, had a math exam this morning so I began school at 8.10. Regular time for the rest of the week but not on tuesdays since we end school at 16.50… with PHYSICS! And it's laboration 0.0 . That's the lesson where everyone tend to end up laughing nervously on the edge to a mental breakdown since measuring stuff when your head is kinda spinning.. isn't easy as a pie..

We at least got to read the WHOLE english lesson ^___^
I'm reading – or was reading “one more day” by Mitch Albom. Sad story, great book and a lot of thoughts afterwards – READ IT!

[Changing subject completely]

Yesterday I finally got my package from H&M ^^. Some clothes that were on sale and a new duvetcover set ;P
I needed to freshen things up now when spring comes so I’ll change my icy lagerhaus set (nothing bad about lagerhaus though) for something somewhat juicier 😀 ~Have a look under the blocks of text…

Other than that, I’ve begun to paint my nails again, even put som sparkle on them and, this time I didn’t mess it up – easy to be unpatient when it dries…

One thing I’m especially proud of is the random thing I did friday morning. Had no idea we were going to practice chinese calligraphy in mandarin class, but we did! The instructor, who was a friend of our teacher was a physics student at the Lund University [Thinking about studying computer technology w chinese orientation there…]. He said I was quite good haha! (could be because I did the character at least 20 times over and over again before painting it on the ‘fine’ paper… heh – judge for yourselves…
I’m at least yearning for more… think I’ll bring out my own set of brushes and some ink ;P

*Just as Emil once did, the pink panther instantly fell asleep among the cherries… like a little pig. Though the time Emil did so… the cherries tasted a bit different XD

*My nails this week!

*The chinese character “Yong”,– pronounced with third tone. It means “Eternity” or “Forever”, “Always” which I sometimes want things to last.. but on the other hand – new things can be just as good!

// SockFusion


I’m a little granny! :O

Yeah, it’s been a while since last time. I’ve gotten old.

Mentally that is, because now I’m all about cross-stitching and cooking haha^^. It all started last weekend when I found a pattern that’s been lying around for many years. It’s actually a chinese pattern, made for the year of the tiger (pretty suitable, since the chinese new year was last weekend). Though this time it’s the year of the dragon.. the year of the tiger was.. 1998 haha. Since the pattern was chinese, I also made a border inspired by the origin :). It deserved to be stitched!

So here’s the result! :