Blue Mini Meringues

In my family, we often bake things. Most times, when we want something quick and sweet on a friday night – we just toss off a mudcake (also called swedish brownie). I’m not very good at that particular recipe, since it is one of my sisters specialties, but I do know how to make one of its “accessories”. Besides whipped cream or ice cream and warm raspberries – you can serve it with meringues! And why not create some contrast to the ever so white cream*, by making them blue! 

* Cream should be pretty white or it is rancid, if so – don’t eat it…

This is a recipe easy enough for a child to make – you’ll just have to watch while whipping the egg-white! (and the oven of course). To make these meringues, you’ll need;


  • Egg-whites of 3 eggs
  • 2 dl sugar
  • 1 ml spirit vinegar
  • 1 ml blue baking/candy colour (should not be very oily)
  • Electric handmixer
  • A high bowl
  • Baking sheet(s)
  • Baking paper
  • Pastry bag or icing syringe
  • Oven
  1. Turn on the oven, 100°C (heat under & over)
  2. Separate the yolk from the egg white, you can do this as a professional using the eggshell (to get the feeling of being a real confectioner) or by just using your hands. But, either way, make sure you do this over the bowl…
  3. Pour in the sugar
  4. Mix it using the electric handmixer, til it has turned more foamy – it should not be anywhere near fluid.
  5. When you’ve gotten it kind of fluffy, pour in the blue colour and the spirit vinegar, the latter one is not for taste, but for the consistency. Spirit vinegar makes it a bit more fluffy…
  6. Prepare a baking sheet with baking paper
  7. Put the “Fluff” (meaning whipped egg whites + sugar & stuff) in a pastry bag or an icing syringe
  8. “Dot” out dollops of “fluff” on the baking paper, approximately 60 dollops – or more, quite small in size.
  9. Put them in the oven! They take time to get all baked, so they should stay in there for at least 60 minutes. But it depends on the size of the dollops, of course. The oven must NOT be opened during this time! What we’re dealing with contains egg (at least half of the egg) and to keep it fluffy you can not let cold air inside the oven.
  10. When they’re a bit cracked, and have “lifted” a bit from the baking paper – they’re probably done. They should not have gotten brown! But it is ok if the tops are a little brownish. Take them out and let them cool (they’ll get more solid).

7. This is what i used when dotting the dollops, but you can use a regular plastic bag, just cutting a hole in a corner. It all depends on how fancy-looking you want them! (though my ones weren’t really fancy).

8. Dot them out on the baking paper, like this…
9. The difference between baked and unbaked, can sometimes be tricky to see, though you’ll taste it. But it is easier to see if you look for “cracks”.
10. This is how they’re NOT supposed to look. This one is too brown (note – it’s without any baking colour), and when removed from the baking paper – a piece of it was stuck to it (as you can see to the right), so even though it is brown, it isn’t done on the inside. A probable reason is an oven too hot!


Serve accompanied by mudcake, icecream/cream, you can even decorate a cake with them. Or simply just eat them as candy… 


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