I’m trying to figure out how to get back to the weight I was (just saying eat less run more doesn’t quite solve it). But these are all great tips, I agree with most of them…

When it comes to weightloss and actually keeping the weight off, we all have to realise it’s about changing your life for the better – which means “sacrificing” laziness, fast-food etc.

I wouldn’t want to call it “sacrificing” it is more of a “trade” for the better :). But – changes in your daily life are unavoidable, walking more, less screen-time, eating differently (both in terms of what and WHEN). Then there are the small things.. like – not wearing baggy clothes. It is really important! Think about it! When wearing clothes that would fit even if you grew two sizes or more – how would you realise you did before it is too late?

When it comes to food – after all my diet-adventures i cannot find anything positive with artificial sweeteners, they are so much sweeter than real sugar, honey or syrup, they don’t taste as good and, from my experiences with aspartame, sugar-alcohols like Erythitol and so on, I’ve learned that they give you more of a sweet-tooth! You eventually get used to the super-sweet flavor! Stevia which is a natural sweetener, is also very very sweet compared to normal sugar. And also, many of the artificial ones have been reported as harmful…

Junk-food is just a no-no, of course you can eat it once in a while – but NEVER make junk-food, candy, ice-cream, soda or any other unhealthy food a habit! Especially not latte’s haha

You should, however, make water a habit, even an addiction if you can. Staying hydrated will make you look more awesome, your thoughts clearer and your belly quiet :). But don’t drink too much, (it can make your braincells explode and well… kill you).

I’ll just add: EXERCISE! Run, jog, swim, jump rope, dance – AND just move around throughout the day!

The bottom line – Calories is not something I think is good to count, once you develop this habit it is easy to slip into an unhealthy behavior like, say “a McDonald’s burger is just 500 kcal, I’ll eat this for breakfast and I’ll have 1500 kcal left, I can three bars of chocolate” NO! It will eventually make you eat more, get fat and perhaps even develop an eating disorder! (trust me I know)

However, it is good to know what foods are high in calories (like mayo, butter, nuts, some seeds, olive oil etc.) which ones are low (watermelon, leafy greens, shrimps etc.) so that you know what you can eat little and much of. It is also good to know portion size, but I highly recommend to stop eating right before you feel full. It is not easy to do this, but with the right portion size, you’ll manage 🙂

~Yours, Sockfusion


김치 – Kimchi

Ok. Bought some kimchi (simple version, just chinese cabbage) a few days ago, since I was really curious about what it really tasted like. It tastes like sweet chili sauce, but not as sweet. I’ll absolutely buy this stuff again, – or even make my own? (It seems easy, but most asian things are more complicated than they appear… (good) sushi is one example). For those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about when I say ‘kimchi’, I’ll explain;

Kimchi is a korean accompaniment to food. It is basically; fermented vegetables with red chili, garlic and sometimes ginger. The most common type of kimchi is based on chinese cabbage, but there are all kinds of variations, with radishes, leek etc. Korean people eat it, together with almost everything and anything. You could say, that it is used like sweet chili sauce or soy – either as an accompaniment or as an ingredient in dishes. There are even dishes specially made with kimchi, like kimchi stew (kimchi jjigea 김치찌개) or kimchi pancakes (kimchi buchim 김치부침).

One thing I’d like to try is cooking Nokducheon (녹두전), which is small ‘pancakes’ based on mung beans. Would be interesting, the only problem is the rarity of the ingredients. It’s not very often we have mung beans, bean sprouts or sesame oil in our kitchen… ~ㅋㅋㅋ

I only ate half of it, so I put the rest in a small glass jar – which there has been swedish “sill” in once! Glass jar changes nationality in half a second, from pure swede to real korean in an instant!


To me, a day off is…

… a day off – of course! But to my teachers, it is a day to study extra hard. That includes weekends and vacations. Sometimes, I just don’t agree with the education system, I mean – if we’re given so much homework and there’s so many exams planned that we have to study late at nights and on vacations and weekends to get good grades… How can they expect us to be awake and ALERT during the lessons?

It is an eternal struggle, exemplia gratia; Math!

  • In order to understand what my math teacher* says during the lessons I have to study at home
  • In order to be able to study at home I first have to understand what my teacher said during the lesson

In the beginning of the year, when we don’t have that much homework, things are fine. But then they give us more and more, eventually we have to prioritize the subjects that we aren’t allowed to fail and the subjects we’d rather study and been really good at – has to suffer. This means that we’ll get at least decent grades in the subjects we have to pass but we don’t get the high grades in the subjects we like and could have gotten really good at. Everything is rushed… students are being wornout since the teachers have expectations but doesn’t give us the right amount of time!

* But… it doesn’t really matter if I’m awake or not when listening to my math teacher – nobody ever understands what he says anyway…

So, today was a day off to me. I ate breakfast (flatbread! flatbread!) at 8 o’clock, not half past five as usual, watched some tv and surfed the web. I told myself yesterday to study – but a day off obviously inevitably IS a day off… Around two o’clock I went to Malmö with my mum, to pick up my sisters (they still had to go to school hehe…) and buy some shoes. Also, my little sisters friends mum (connections!) is a physiotherapist and she had offered to take a look at my knee! So she did and she said there was a lot of gnarls in my muscles… therefore she massaged it. It hurt, A LOT . So now it feels like my thigh/crural and knee has been hit by something… like a… physiotherapist. It feels like a big big bruise and it smells tiger balm/liniment. But! It does feel better, not as rickety anymore!

After some kneading we went food-shopping and I got THE LAST OAT MILK IN THE WHOLE STORE! *phew* I was lucky… I also got a free pack of bread… hehe (coupon). We went home and ate wheel-macaroni and mincemeat sauce (very common dish among swedish families with children). After that I tried roasting some muesli… unfortunately.. I should have added more syrup – which I don’t want to because it makes it unhealthy… But! I could eat it as ‘dessert’ with fruit then! healthy dessert!

If I make a good muesli – I’ll put up a recipe here  

Oh! Almost forgot! When I sat in front of my desk, surfing the web I heard something twitter and saw this little fellow… He/she is a Eurasian Tree Sparrow (“Pilfink” in swedish)… Wish it was a Blue Tit (“Blåmes” in swedish) though since they’re so cute..

Yours, SockFusion 


Despite the title, we’ll begin with the slightly “calmer” news.

  • I’m free from school tomorrow! (A thing that only makes me and the rest of the people in my class happy, but still.. shared happiness is a little bit greater?) And… I still have a ton of homework to ‘machete’ my way through or something…
  • Ate dinner with dad and sisters today , although I’m still a bit frightened of pizza.. because of one particular ‘incident’ a few months ago… (believe me when I say.. you don’t want to know…) I actually ate some today – Aaand I also had some.. Panna cotta – for the first time ever! 0_o It was good, but I think I can make a better one, hehe… will be one of my projects to come ;P
  • Last week I ran too much, which resulted in this terrible pain in my left knee. Just a month left to the 5 km race in school! I have to improve my time, but things aren’t looking very good right now.. School nurse told me to go see a doctor :/
  • I’m obsessed with oat milk . I really really like the flavour of it, since it reminds me of the milk that’s left when you’ve eaten some sugary muesli or something (granola/crunchy/start…). And I like oats. I believe this is one of my benefits, just as I like broccoli and dislike hamburgers, sponge-cake and low-quality chocolate… those things are impossible for me to eat…

And then there’s the ‘DRAMA’ of todays post… which is a video. I can’t tell you anything else about it. Just watch it… because it is just simply AMAZING.. I wish I was there…

Well, good night to you all – I’ll try to get some of the sleep I missed last night .. and the night before that.. >_>

// SockFusion 

Spring = Run

Know what Spring means to me? It means RUN!!! … it actually does, really – in swedish, spring = run. But it’s the season where I have to/can get out running as well. It is also the season where I, as many other people, prepare for the summers beach life.. by training.

So that’s what I’m doing now, I am training every day, measuring every calorie and so on. There is one thing I’m appreciating enourmously because of this, it makes my training much much easier. Because when it comes to weightloss, training is one of the three obligatory parts. An other is sleep and the third is the food. Eating the right things is one of the basics (for most things actually) – if you eat too much you wont get anywhere no matter how much you exercise and if you eat too little, you wont be able to go on training – (you’ll at least get bad results and feel all gloomy). (We’re talking calories here – energy) Keeping track of how much you eat and what you eat – is the key to successful training. Some foods are stuffed with carbonhydrates and you wont realize that you’ve eaten way too many calories because such foods generally doesn’t make you feel full. (I’m talking about crunchy muesli, juice, candy, raisins etc.)

My point is – if you want to loose weight, keep track of what you eat (and of course keep in mind what it is), because at the end of the day, what matters is how many calories you’ve eaten minus how many calories you’ve burned. If the answer isn’t negative you wont loose any weight (except in fluids perhaps, but we want to burn fat right?). If you have an iPhone (or other smartphone), you wont be disappointed with my tip. Because, there is an easy way to actually keep track of almost every little calorie you show into your mouth. Ladies and gentlemen.. I give you..

The DailyBurn Tracker (Click the picture to go to Apple & Download it)

With this app, you can search the whole worlds food list, add what you’ve eaten, how much and it will keep track of how many calories you’ve munched! ;P You can also add your training, how much weight you’ve lifted, how far you’ve been running/biking/walking etc. etc. and it will calculate how much you’ve burned! You write in your weight as well, which as nutrition and exercise can be seen in a nice little chart! (I like it because it’s fun to see the history and how far you’ve come. For me, who likes things clean and structured (I’m a pedantic virgo) it is an excellent way to loose weight. I think more about what I’m eating and how much, also how much I’ve exercised – because I don’t want to miss my nutrition goals.

Though – you have to be mature enough not to put too low goals, if you do you’ll just turn out gloomy and fail completely because you wont be able to exercise and eventually you’ll become hungry as well.. and when our bodies are hungry because of too little food it wants SUGAR FAT SUGAR FAT SUGAR FAT!!! which results in you gaining weight. That’s the opposite of your goal – too few calories isn’t a good idea, is it?

Yes, that’s probably my most used app.

And now we switch from appreciation to *complaint.. (can’t be too happy can we?). Because last morning (I know why am I still irritaded?), I was weighing a piece of bread, to you gifted, people reading this I probably wont have to explain what I was doing if you saw me weighing a piece of bread. But to my stepfather I had to explain. He came to the kitchen and asked “What are you doing?”. Sometimes I might expect a bit too much of other people (usually in intelligence) so I answered the obvious – “I’m weighing a piece of bread”. He then answers.. “Uh, I don’t understand”. I explain further “Well I’m interested in how much it weighs so that I know how many calories it is” (pretty simple huh? You guys understand me right?). Guess what insulting answer replies with.. “Uh, I don’t understand”. What the hell is wrong with people!?? After that he kind of criticized me by saying something like “yeah if you want to count every single little calorie…”.

Yeah, dear stepfather – you won’t be reading this (there’s a minimal chance but it is so tiny it barely exists) but it doesn’t matter because you’ll probably wouldn’t understand anything (as always, now here’s a big chance!). IF we could talk properly I’d say – stop being so damn jealous of my successful weightloss and start being proud of what I did, because I did it myself. Then stop munching chocolate, cheese doodles and ice cream almost every day and start exercising for real. I know you g swimming, but you wont get anywhere if you stuff yourself with unhealthy crap in the evening…

He’s an example that reminds me of why I’m exersicing.. his belly puts fear in me XD (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate on people – I hate hating on people). But he has become really mean sometimes, towards my mum as well (not that he hits her – it’s just psychological terror..). Today he threw her out of the bathroom because HE wanted to be there.. and yesterday when I told him not to destroy the bread by squeezing it.. he stares at me like “Did you say something you disguisting little creep??” after that I told him again and he just pointed at the pile of dishes (I know completely out of the blue) saying “why isn’t it done – you’re home aren’t you?”. That was because I’ve complained about how my sisters just run away from the dinner table on weekdays, when I’ve cooked dinner which means that I’ll have to take the dishes as well. I have plenty of schoolwork already – I don’t need anymore exhaustion… So one weekday I came home later with mum, (my sisters cooked dinner themselves) and the kitchen was a complete mess. So I told him (bit proud because both mum and him was surprised seeing the mess and it was a proof of what I’d told them before) that “It doesn’t look like this when I’m home. He ends the conversation by saying “Don’t try to be important”.

(To you stepfather:) Well, I’m NOT trying to be important. I AM important, all I’m trying to do is SHOW you so that you’ll finally UNDERSTAND. Just as when your alarm clock rings 30 times and I get up in time even though;

  • I’ve studied late and
  • only slept 5-6 hours (as usual)

just to wake you up so that we don’t get late. You never understand that do you? You never understand, how it feels when you do stuff and you don’t even get a “thanks” or “good job”, nothing. All you do is keep on working without any appreciation, because if you stopped.. THEN oh.. then.. then they’d be COMPLAINING!!

Seriously.. uh.. Perhaps, I expect too much of people… >_>

* Sometimes I have to write about this stuff, just to keep myself from exploding. I’ve tried to talk to him calmly, but as he says.. he doesn’t understand. He probably never will either.

// SockFusion