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To me, a day off is…

… a day off – of course! But to my teachers, it is a day to study extra hard. That includes weekends and vacations. Sometimes, I just don’t agree with the education system, I mean – if we’re given so much homework and there’s so many exams planned that we have to study late at nights and on vacations and weekends to get good grades… How can they expect us to be awake and ALERT during the lessons?

It is an eternal struggle, exemplia gratia; Math!

  • In order to understand what my math teacher* says during the lessons I have to study at home
  • In order to be able to study at home I first have to understand what my teacher said during the lesson

In the beginning of the year, when we don’t have that much homework, things are fine. But then they give us more and more, eventually we have to prioritize the subjects that we aren’t allowed to fail and the subjects we’d rather study and been really good at – has to suffer. This means that we’ll get at least decent grades in the subjects we have to pass but we don’t get the high grades in the subjects we like and could have gotten really good at. Everything is rushed… students are being wornout since the teachers have expectations but doesn’t give us the right amount of time!

* But… it doesn’t really matter if I’m awake or not when listening to my math teacher – nobody ever understands what he says anyway…

So, today was a day off to me. I ate breakfast (flatbread! flatbread!) at 8 o’clock, not half past five as usual, watched some tv and surfed the web. I told myself yesterday to study – but a day off obviously inevitably IS a day off… Around two o’clock I went to Malmö with my mum, to pick up my sisters (they still had to go to school hehe…) and buy some shoes. Also, my little sisters friends mum (connections!) is a physiotherapist and she had offered to take a look at my knee! So she did and she said there was a lot of gnarls in my muscles… therefore she massaged it. It hurt, A LOT . So now it feels like my thigh/crural and knee has been hit by something… like a… physiotherapist. It feels like a big big bruise and it smells tiger balm/liniment. But! It does feel better, not as rickety anymore!

After some kneading we went food-shopping and I got THE LAST OAT MILK IN THE WHOLE STORE! *phew* I was lucky… I also got a free pack of bread… hehe (coupon). We went home and ate wheel-macaroni and mincemeat sauce (very common dish among swedish families with children). After that I tried roasting some muesli… unfortunately.. I should have added more syrup – which I don’t want to because it makes it unhealthy… But! I could eat it as ‘dessert’ with fruit then! healthy dessert!

If I make a good muesli – I’ll put up a recipe here  

Oh! Almost forgot! When I sat in front of my desk, surfing the web I heard something twitter and saw this little fellow… He/she is a Eurasian Tree Sparrow (“Pilfink” in swedish)… Wish it was a Blue Tit (“Blåmes” in swedish) though since they’re so cute..

Yours, SockFusion 

snow plow snow plough snow remover

I saw one yesterday, a snowplow! (words made of words that rhyme are funny to say). Or, to be accurate – very early today (It’s almost impossible for me to go to sleep the same day I woke up). Anyhow, I think he did a good job because now all the snow is gone! Even the one  that fell when I finally went asleep. Now we just need a machine that calms the wind, pulls the sun out of those clouds and clears the sky and we’ll have spring. Aaaah! live feelings when writing! (Just came to think of easter and pastel colours!). But, yeah if you have such a machine or know how to build one, use it or give me the instructions!

By the way, yesterday was awesome! I found myself utterly bored since half the family had gone to Malmö and 2/3 of the rest sat like potatoes on front of their computers (that leaves 1/6 which is me). So I looked up where they had placed the theatre in the (quite small but still big enough) town called Trelleborg, grabbed my little sister by the arm and flew up, up and away!

The result was;

  • Half a day of successful shopping
  • Lots of chocolate eaten
  • Endless melting watching Puss in Boots

I just adore that cat, so even if the story of the movie wasn’t great – his big eyes makes it an awesome film! And I found that bag I tought was sold out everywhere! Obviously they’re a bit retarded when it comes to fashion here in Trelleborg because there were loads of bucket bags in H&M so I finally got mine. Well, I can’t complain, guess Trelleborg is the right place for shopping since people doesn’t buy the things I want! (that’s how it is in Malmö, the sales are awfully boring). But.. now, this is a secret – read this and tell anyone about it, your computer/Macbook/Laptop or any kind of precious internet-device WILL turn into a giant mushroom! (ha! you thought it would blow up!).

Well, these are not really pastels but..

And so, now I WILL clean up my messy room… ^^

Yours truly, SockFusion