Korean Sushi-thingy

Decided to make some sushi for me and my little sister for dinner. One single problem – no fish at home. Therefore I made sushi, in a kind of Korean style. Like kimbap, but less Korean. She loves mashed green peas, so I made some – to replace wasabi. We also had champignons, shrimps, some parboiled bok choi, cucumber and kimchi!

Other than that, I made some sookju namul…



Now.. my tummy is full XD
Will rehearse some biology, pack a bag for the weekend and after that – SLEEP!!



Hiking in Rain

I wanted to post this when it was still fresh, smoking hot.. no wait, literally that would be – soaking wet instead…

This weekend I went out hiking with my scout patrol. The weather was nice when we left but half an hour after we started walking… the rain came. Pouring down, cats & dogs, sheep, flamingos – everything. The hood on my jacket saved me from drowning and I had a cover for my backpack (Granite Gear Vapor Meridian Ki) but… there was nothing shielding my legs from the rain, since I was wearing jeans. I was soaking wet, as the bandage on my knee.. that unexplainable wound, hm. Several kilometers of walking , up hills and down the hills again, later we ate lunch under some fir trees* the others ate tortellini and me and a friend had some goulash soup with macaroni :). Eating outdoors is always so different from eating indoors, especially if you’ve been working/walking/running etc. – you have more appetite, also things taste better. Could be something with all the oxygen in the woods, I don’t know :P.

We continued our walking and eventually we arrived at the place where we were going to sleep. Now, most people probably think of tents when sleeping outdoors is mentioned. Now, that is too much indoors for a scout. We sleep in “vindskydd“, “weatherbreaks” which is “half a tent” you could say, it protects us from the rain and the wind as well (if it’s positioned correctly). We find fallen trees, preferably very thin (no more than 20 cm diameter, base) and tie some to trees we’ve chosen (I can’t explain the construction since it’s something you learn from watching). Then we throw a big piece of tarpaulin over our “vindskydd-skeleton” and tighten it up (so that rain-water can’t make seas and lakes in sinkages). One side is wide open, this is how we sleep.

We were walking somewhere near “Romeleåsen”.. or perhaps even on it! More pictures below!! 😀

Of course we have inflatable matresses, pillows and sleeping bags. But, it is still cold outdoor air we’re talking about and we’re in Sweden – so temperatures can sink pretty low. This time, april, it got down to about 3°C or almost 0°C. It was cold, REALLY cold. I know, because my sleeping bag isn’t working. I lied there, keeping myself awake so that I could keep on moving my toes about** and stretching my legs.. I got terrible cramps since I couldn’t stop shivering. I sound querulous, don’t I?

Well, when it was about 5.20 I got up and went to the “vindskydd” where my little sister was sleeping. Luckily, her sleeping bag was big enough to contain us both (and she’s nice enough to let me sleep there). Thank you Selma! :). Later on, we woke up and made breakfast. I cooked some oatmeal and put a package of chocolate oat milk in boiling water.. it was wonderful***… I also ate three sandwiches with jam and.. salami? Well, they had no butter and no cheese… so I pretended the salami was cheese. It worked XD. (marmalade or jam + cheese = awesome).

We packed our bags and left the place, heading towards a place where we could eat lunch. This time I ate some tomato-soup… while almost drowning in my own jacket. I was so damn WET and COLD. Could. Not. Stop. SHIVERING!!! However, the warm soup made me feel a little better and we continued walking towards the place were we got dropped off the other day. Eventually we got there and met up with our parents (now I sound like a kindergarten kid).

So, why do I do this? If I get all wet, walk all day, work like a maniac just to get shelter and almost freeze my toes off, why do I do this? Well, when doing this together with some of my closest friends and many other nice people, helping each other – all those things above are nothing. Of course, freezing isn’t something I’d gladly do – but I still had lots of fun. When people reach my age, they hang out with their either friends in school or at parties. I’m not a party-animal (nor human), neither are most of my friends, so this is what we do instead. We train leadership, teamwork, working together with people you don’t know, a lot of important things – while having fun 😛

Some say best friends last forever (nothings eternal though), but I’ve seen how so many people betray each other, how they do not care for each other. I might now know about how the future looks, but what I do know is that, my friends are not the kind of people who’d ever let me down. That much I can tell, when we suddently fit four people in a tiny tiny wooden shelter which probably was made for two, or when we’re the slowest patrol, since everyone waits for the injured. That much I can tell, which probably is a lot more than what the party-animals know about each other (nothing bad about parties).

* They don’t spread their roots as much as deciduous trees, therefore they stand closer to each other and work as.. a bad umbrella… but still an umbrella! (Not a sprinkler, at least).

** Last time I used this sleeping bag, my toes got really cold. When I woke up I couldn’t feel them anymore and they were all blue. Pretty scary since I was hiking a bit alone that time.

 *** This is what I’m talking about when I say difference between eating indoors and eating outdoors.

Some strange thing.. 

There were LOADS of these.. and I don’t even know what they are!

Commonly found in swedish fir tree-woods…

DO NOT touch toad… or lick on them (I didn’t) just don’t…

// Yours, sleepy SockFusion ^______^

Brussel Bickies & Apple Chips

Since writing down the recipes and editing the pictures has taken so much time – I will now write about yesterday when it is almost morning … today! (No, it is not because I have to – it is because I WANT to…)

Yesterday (I wish I could say today) I woke up, awkwardly early for being on a weekend at 8 o’clock. Had some breakfast and started doing my homework. (Yes, you did read what you just read). Math, of course with all the sinus, theorems and formulas. It feels good when you’ve read a little more and finally understand things… Though, my head will still be spinning when my teacher is explaining something in class since he’s explaining new things when nobody’s done with the last thing he spoke about. Well well..

After a bit of math I spontaneously looked up a recipe for apple chips, went downstairs to the kitchen and put some in the oven (they were in there for 3 hours so I meanwhile I did homework). I still don’t know why.. but I did, and they were awesome! I also re-roasted my muesli..

For some reason, I didn’t eat lunch.. Instead I ate dinner 10 hours after breakfast… hm, broccoli included!

Later, I started baking – Brussel Bickies! And ate some, accompanied by apple and my obsession – Oat milk . The biscuits were done by 12 pm yesterday and I’ve been sitting here since.. just writing and stuff… XD

ok, the birds are starting to sing now and I think it is getting light outside… I better get to bed, 3,5 more hours and I’ve been awake for 24 hours… hehe

Yours, SockFusion

Hash = Pot = Kettle

I’m really fond of Skype, MSN messenger still has its icon in my menu – but I never use it anymore. Probably because nobody else does either and what’s the point with being online if no one else is?

I talk to various people, some whom I’ve known for years, others that I’ve never even met in real life! We write a lot of stuff, both quick sayings and longer, deeper stories. People* say that computers are not a “real” way of communicating – but I think it is – it is just different from what they know. Heard that the police has started  interviewing witnesses through chatting since voices and eye-contact can cause a lot of stress to a person who has gone through something terrible. That way they are given time to think about things and perhaps, important details are not excluded. This is the biggest difference between having a live conversation and chatting through a computer – voice and eye-contact. To me, a bit introverted person – that can be positive. I don’t run away screaming if someone looks at me and talk to me, but I think, that sometimes it can be nice to have a break from voices and eye-contact. Then I open up more easily and tell things I’d probably would have forgotten if I would have been in a live conversation. Such as jokes…

* Like.. “old” conservative people… (nothing bad about old though)

Yours, SockFusion

Easter, I presume..

 Guess what?  – I stayed up until almost 3 AM this morning. Guess what I did! – I was baking… (I know, I’m a bit parsimonious with the guessing-time here…). I baked crispy oat cookies, decorated with dark chocolate. And then I put them in a handmade box… and gave them all away to my sister who then gave them to her boss (who’s an arse, but you know.. cringe and flannel!). My mum made some more easter chickens, so I thought it would be a good idea to show it all in one long post ..

By the way, I had an awesome brunch today (since I fell asleep at 5 AM). I baked flatbread, Gateau style. Borrowed Claes Christenson’s book at the library yesterday and wanted to put the recipes to the test… What I thought about it? Well… the dough was a COMPLETE MESS, sticky sticky everywhere. So I added some more flour, but the result was awesome – both my sisters and my stepfather enjoyed it! With butter, ham, salad, cheese and cucumber… mmmm.. hehe 

Here we go – pictures! (Unfortunately the flatbreads were so yummy we ate them all before the camera was even thought of).

If your belly is talking to you right now, begging you for some of these… you can find the recipe here. What my mum made was a bit more decorative and appropriate – easter chickens!

She made them like chocolate balls, but without the cacao, then she rolled them in cocos. She put a cornflake as beak, round sprinkles as eyes and a special made chocolate feather on the back! Awesome! 

Happy Easter! //SockFusion

[yawn] – Hello, Hello!

Been a while! But I caught myself willingly to post something today ^^

It must be the lack of sunlight here, because I’m oh so tired all the time and my skin isn’t any better :< [yawn] (again). School does certainly not make me more energized, had a math exam this morning so I began school at 8.10. Regular time for the rest of the week but not on tuesdays since we end school at 16.50… with PHYSICS! And it's laboration 0.0 . That's the lesson where everyone tend to end up laughing nervously on the edge to a mental breakdown since measuring stuff when your head is kinda spinning.. isn't easy as a pie..

We at least got to read the WHOLE english lesson ^___^
I'm reading – or was reading “one more day” by Mitch Albom. Sad story, great book and a lot of thoughts afterwards – READ IT!

[Changing subject completely]

Yesterday I finally got my package from H&M ^^. Some clothes that were on sale and a new duvetcover set ;P
I needed to freshen things up now when spring comes so I’ll change my icy lagerhaus set (nothing bad about lagerhaus though) for something somewhat juicier 😀 ~Have a look under the blocks of text…

Other than that, I’ve begun to paint my nails again, even put som sparkle on them and, this time I didn’t mess it up – easy to be unpatient when it dries…

One thing I’m especially proud of is the random thing I did friday morning. Had no idea we were going to practice chinese calligraphy in mandarin class, but we did! The instructor, who was a friend of our teacher was a physics student at the Lund University [Thinking about studying computer technology w chinese orientation there…]. He said I was quite good haha! (could be because I did the character at least 20 times over and over again before painting it on the ‘fine’ paper… heh – judge for yourselves…
I’m at least yearning for more… think I’ll bring out my own set of brushes and some ink ;P

*Just as Emil once did, the pink panther instantly fell asleep among the cherries… like a little pig. Though the time Emil did so… the cherries tasted a bit different XD

*My nails this week!

*The chinese character “Yong”,– pronounced with third tone. It means “Eternity” or “Forever”, “Always” which I sometimes want things to last.. but on the other hand – new things can be just as good!

// SockFusion

Just.. Something green..

I was bored (again) yesterday morning and too tired (again) to do any homework…
So I started drawing some random object, found in my surrounding (happens once in a while, good practice). This time it was some kind of palm… Have NO idea what it is – looks like a palm at least.. Mixed with bamboo (had troubles writing that word). (that combo makes me think of asparagus-broccoli -anyways, here’s the result of my tiredness…


Pika-Pikaaa! ^_____^

All I’ve done since coming home is.. Cooking (mashing potatoes that is). After that I’ve done (almost) nothing at all, except drawing this cutie though…


Hope I can concentrate better tomorrow, or else I’ll die during next weeks exam in physics and you’ll never hear of me again, can’t let that happen can we? ;P

Your dear, SockFusion

OMG! I drew something! 0_O

I think I was bored from head to toe during today’s physics lesson. Even all the way out in my fingertips – because, for the first time in a year – I drew something! Ok, it’s just one of those eyes (and yes I can only do the right ones good) but it’s a start right?


snow plow snow plough snow remover

I saw one yesterday, a snowplow! (words made of words that rhyme are funny to say). Or, to be accurate – very early today (It’s almost impossible for me to go to sleep the same day I woke up). Anyhow, I think he did a good job because now all the snow is gone! Even the one  that fell when I finally went asleep. Now we just need a machine that calms the wind, pulls the sun out of those clouds and clears the sky and we’ll have spring. Aaaah! live feelings when writing! (Just came to think of easter and pastel colours!). But, yeah if you have such a machine or know how to build one, use it or give me the instructions!

By the way, yesterday was awesome! I found myself utterly bored since half the family had gone to Malmö and 2/3 of the rest sat like potatoes on front of their computers (that leaves 1/6 which is me). So I looked up where they had placed the theatre in the (quite small but still big enough) town called Trelleborg, grabbed my little sister by the arm and flew up, up and away!

The result was;

  • Half a day of successful shopping
  • Lots of chocolate eaten
  • Endless melting watching Puss in Boots

I just adore that cat, so even if the story of the movie wasn’t great – his big eyes makes it an awesome film! And I found that bag I tought was sold out everywhere! Obviously they’re a bit retarded when it comes to fashion here in Trelleborg because there were loads of bucket bags in H&M so I finally got mine. Well, I can’t complain, guess Trelleborg is the right place for shopping since people doesn’t buy the things I want! (that’s how it is in Malmö, the sales are awfully boring). But.. now, this is a secret – read this and tell anyone about it, your computer/Macbook/Laptop or any kind of precious internet-device WILL turn into a giant mushroom! (ha! you thought it would blow up!).

Well, these are not really pastels but..

And so, now I WILL clean up my messy room… ^^

Yours truly, SockFusion