Bokskogen – Beech Forest

So, (most boring way ever to start, think It’s even kinda illegal… In typing-world that is) but – (ok I know, also boring). Anyhow… (naah, I don’t like that), however (that’s it! I feel like wearing a moustache!), I’ve been having quite a lot to do the past days – I’ll tell you!

Monday, I went to the doctor. She was Finnish and very rude (I think there’s nice Finnish people but it seems like they’re hiding). The nurse who took the blood sample was really bad at it. First she tried my left arm, twisting around the needle trying to poke the vessel. It didn’t work and eventually she gave up and tried my right hand instead. Now I’ve got a big bruise on my left arm AND SHE’S GOT… (some of) MY BLOOD!!! Vampire…

Tuesday, was exhausting. I went to ‘bokskogen’ (beech forest) together with the people in my class, BY BIKE. The fastest way to the forest is about 16 km , but we had to go on smaller paths and stuff. We at least traveled 40 km, that much I know. I’ve been biking over 70 kilometres some days, but then – there weren’t as much wind.. and HILLS!!! That combination folks, that combination…


This does NOT look like Sweden, but it is Sweden

Wednesday, (which was yesterday), I did two out of four parts of the Swedish national exam in English. Reading and Listening, I’ve already done the writing-part, so what’s left is Speaking. It makes me a little nervous, since I know that I speak a bit slurred when I’m under pressure, since I’m nervous and I am NERVOUS!!! Eehh… Vicious cycle. What I can do about that is; run. So I did yesterday – 35 minutes constantly running took me 6,3 kilometres away. ūüôā

It had just stopped raining, the air was fresh and the sun started to crawl out of the clouds…

Thursday, which is today (for me at least), means homework and rest. Homework since… since… (ok I don’t know exactly why, I just do it) and rest, because of tomorrow.

Friday, which is tomorrow, I’ll run five kilometres (PE) in school. It’s an annual thing we do every spring but this time will be my last. I’ve decreased my time markedly since the first time and… my teacher uses me as an example when speaking about improving ones condition (I’m proud!). Therefore (and because I hate loosing, it would be a loss to not get a better result) I have to get a better time tomorrow!

Think that’s all ;P



Sugar & Irony

Just finished the recipe for Digestive Biscuits¬†which i baked three days ago. So now I’m just sitting here, I’m “ill” today… was freezing and sweating at the same time yesterday and I almost fell asleep during the half math-lesson (not because of the teacher this time). I decided this was best, since we have a biology exam tomorrow and I’m not very prepared. ~I’ll be studying today ūüôā

Other than that, I’ve started reading about sugar – which is a part of everyone’s daily life nowadays. It is very well-written and ¬†easy to understand, even if you’re a novice in the subject. The author of the book (Sockerdetektiven hittar v√§gen till b√§ttre mat / The sugar detective finds the way to better food) is a swedish nutritionist and health pedagogue by the name Maj √Ėstberg Rundquist. Her aim is (translated into english by me) this:

“I¬†want to contribute¬†to increasing the interest in¬†good¬†food.¬†The more¬†you learn about¬†how food¬†affects health,¬†the easier it is¬†to choose¬†healthy foods¬†over¬†food with¬†questionable¬†ingredients and¬†low nutritive content.¬†” – Maj √Ėstberg Rundquist

When reading her book I get icy shivers every now and then – because even though I know more than the average 17-year-old about food, I didn’t know things like ~Examplia gratia; That they dyed¬†sugar with blue colour so that it get that snowy white colour. It is so damn unneccessary! I will return to this subject when I’ve read a bit more of this wonderful book, in the meanwhile – you can go check out the webpage belonging to her book, here.

But there is also irony in this – because I’ve been posting so many sugary recipes lately and I just started my day with a glass of chocolate oat milk, which contains sugar… But! You have to take things “with a pinch of salt”, baking is so much fun! ūüėÄ

// SockFusion

Emission Spectrometry

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a small presentation about this analytical method in chemistry class. We’ll be doing presentations in small groups, so it’s not really a big thing. But – never, ever underestimate things! Therefore I’ll be presenting it to you first! Explaining things to someone else helps you learn it yourself, that’s why discussing the subject with your classmates is a great thing to do before exams etc. ~Here we go!

When a the light-beam goes through the prism it splits in different wavelengths (see below) which is shown in different colours, in reality too.

Emission Spectrometry

There are many analytical methods, both because there are many things to analyse and because there sometimes are different ways to get the same (or almost same) results. Before we go on, we’ll ourselves analyse something – the name of this method. The middle part, “spectro-” ¬†comes from the word “spectra”, which gives us the hint that this is about light. The first part, “emission” is what you could call the opposite of “absorbtion”, instead of something getting soaked up we have something leaving from somewhere. The third part, “-metry” indicates that we are measuring something. So what result did we get, analysing this?

“Measurement of emitted light-thingy”

Seems easy, but it is a bit more complicated than that. Examplia Gratia; we cannot call ourselves chemists (or physicists for that matter) when calling something “light-thingy”. I’ll answer some questions…

Q: What is light?

A: Light is electromagnetic radiation – energy being transported. It can be described as a particulate flow or wave phenomenon. Either way, emitted light flows from the source, in the “shape” of so-called photons. Photons are tiny tiny particles which are generated e.g. when the electronic structure of atoms or molecules is changed.

There are also different kinds of light. The type of light depends on which wavelength it has. There are light which we can not see with just our eyes, light with very low wavelength, so-called ultra-violet light, light with very high wavelength, so-called infra-red light and the so-called black light. Between ultra-violet and infra-red is the light which we can see. This light has different colours, depending on what wavelength it has.

Q: How do we measure light?

A: Light can measured it by wavelength. The wavelength is the distance between two peaks (crests) or two lows (throughs), its unit is either meters with a prefix (very small distances) or “Angstrom” which was introduced by the swedish physicist Anders Jonas √Öngstr√∂m. Intensity, (which shouldn’t be called brightness) is simply the height from the “zero-point” of the wave, the so-called¬†equilibrium, to the highest point of the wave. Also called, Amplitude – if you’ve studied sine waves. It can also be measured in hertz, which tells the frequencythe number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon. The shorter wavelength, the higher frequency, vice versa.

We can either measure the wavelength of the emitted light or the intensity of it. But what’s really studied when using this method is atoms and molecules – not just “simple” light. Which of the two things measured depends on if we want to know quality or quantity.

  • Quality is what something is made out of.
  • Quantity is how much there is of something.

Q: Why are we interested in the wavelength?

A: Well, by knowing the wavelength we know what kind of light it is. But there’s something more to this, energy levels.

When I say “energy levels”, I of course have to explain further (if you’re not a genius :)). To make it easier – we’ll use an example with a simple atom. As I suppose, when you’ve read this much – you know what an atom is built of, (nucleus containing positive protons and neutral neutrons this surrounded by a ‘cloud’ made of negative electrons). Though, there is an other way of picturing the atom – the Bohr model. Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics for which he received the Nobel prize in physics in 1922. He improved earlier models of the atom, saying that every atom has a certain number of electron orbitals and that each electron orbital has a particular energy level.

Q: Why are we talking about energy levels?

A: When energy, (either thermal, resulting from collision, or radiational, resulting from absorption of electromagnetic radiation), is applied to an atom, it can (if a sufficient amount) “lift” an electron from its ground state to a higher state. Which means that it’ll move to a shell more far from the nucleus. This is called excitation – the electron gets excited and is in an excited state! Though, the new structure is very unstable and decays rapidly, the electron quickly jumps down to its ground state again. When it does, the energy that took it to the outer shell is emitted again, as photons – light. Depending on what element the atom is – we’ll get different kinds of light. Different meaning difference in wavelength, colour!

This is why we are interested in measuring the wavelength – by doing that, we can get to know what stuff is made of.

Q: What about intensity then?

A: In simple terms you could call ‘intensity’ brightness, but this is not completely correct. See, intensity – measured in luminance depends both on the emitted light and the area absorbing it. What we can say is, that by measuring the intensity, we can determine the concentration of an element. Higher concentration of a specific element in say, a star – emits light with a higher intensity of the light with the specific wavelength for that element.

I won’t explain the procedure in detail since it is hard to find information about it and much of the sources are quite¬†confusing. This because¬†spectroscopy¬†which is the basis for emission spectrometry is a common search-result. There are some differences.

Q: What is it used for then?

A: As you’re told, we can determine what things are made out of with this method. Mankind has had (and still has) good usage ¬†of this method. It is the most commonly used procedure for the measurement of trace elements in rocks, water, soil,¬†manufactured goods and biological specimens. Daily usage, all over the world. What has brought us even more is perhaps the use of it regarding astronomy. It is one thing to understand the planet we’re living on, touching, but how about really knowing what the little sparkling points in the night sky are made of? We can, with emission spectrometry (and a bigger brain than I have perhaps), from the light the stars emit towards us, even though they are light-years away – determine what they are made of!

Isn’t it amazing?

Yours, a tired SockFusion, head full of Physics & Chemistry

Brussel Bickies & Apple Chips

Since writing down the recipes and editing the pictures has taken so much time – I will now write about yesterday when it is almost morning … today! (No, it is not because I have to – it is because I WANT to…)

Yesterday (I wish I could say today) I woke up, awkwardly early for being on a weekend at 8 o’clock. Had some breakfast and started doing my homework. (Yes, you did read what you just read). Math, of course with all the sinus, theorems and formulas. It feels good when you’ve read a little more and finally understand things… Though, my head will still be spinning when my teacher is explaining something in class since he’s explaining new things when nobody’s done with the last thing he spoke about. Well well..

After a bit of math I spontaneously looked up a recipe for apple chips, went downstairs to the kitchen and put some in the oven (they were in there for 3 hours so I meanwhile I did homework). I still don’t know why.. but I did, and they were awesome! I also re-roasted my muesli..

For some reason, I didn’t eat lunch.. Instead I ate dinner 10 hours after breakfast… hm, broccoli included!

Later, I started baking – Brussel Bickies! And ate some, accompanied by apple and my obsession – Oat milk¬†. The biscuits were done by 12 pm yesterday and I’ve been sitting here since.. just writing and stuff… XD

ok, the birds are starting to sing now and I think it is getting light outside… I better get to bed, 3,5 more hours and I’ve been awake for 24 hours… hehe

Yours, SockFusion

To me, a day off is…

… a day off – of course! But to my teachers, it is a day to study extra hard. That includes weekends and vacations. Sometimes, I just don’t agree with the education system, I mean – if we’re given so much homework and there’s so many exams planned that we have to study late at nights and on vacations and weekends to get good grades… How can they expect us to be awake and ALERT during the lessons?

It is an eternal struggle, exemplia gratia; Math!

  • In order to understand what my math teacher* says during the lessons I have to study at home
  • In order to be able to study at home I first have to understand what my teacher said during the lesson

In the beginning of the year, when we don’t have that much homework, things are fine. But then they give us more and more, eventually we have to prioritize the subjects that we aren’t allowed to fail and the subjects we’d rather study and been really good at – has to suffer. This means that we’ll get at least decent grades in the subjects we have to pass but we don’t get the high grades in the subjects we like and could have gotten really good at. Everything is rushed… students are being wornout since the teachers have expectations but doesn’t give us the right amount of time!

* But… it doesn’t really matter if I’m awake or not when listening to my math teacher – nobody ever understands what he says anyway…

So, today was a day off to me. I ate breakfast (flatbread! flatbread!) at 8 o’clock, not half past five as usual, watched some tv and surfed the web. I told myself yesterday to study – but a day off obviously inevitably IS a day off… Around two o’clock I went to Malm√∂ with my mum, to pick up my sisters (they still had to go to school hehe…) and buy some shoes. Also, my little sisters friends mum (connections!) is a physiotherapist and she had offered to take a look at my knee! So she did and she said there was a lot of gnarls in my muscles… therefore she massaged it. It hurt, A LOT . So now it feels like my thigh/crural and knee has been hit by something… like a… physiotherapist. It feels like a big big bruise and it smells tiger balm/liniment. But! It does feel better, not as rickety anymore!

After some kneading we went food-shopping and I got THE LAST OAT MILK IN THE WHOLE STORE! *phew* I was lucky… I also got a free pack of bread… hehe (coupon). We went home and ate wheel-macaroni and mincemeat sauce (very common dish among swedish families with children). After that I tried roasting some muesli… unfortunately.. I should have added more syrup – which I don’t want to because it makes it unhealthy… But! I could eat it as ‘dessert’ with fruit then! healthy dessert!

If I make a good muesli – I’ll put up a recipe here ¬†

Oh! Almost forgot! When I sat in front of my desk, surfing the web I heard something twitter and saw this little fellow… He/she is a Eurasian Tree Sparrow (“Pilfink” in swedish)… Wish it was a Blue Tit (“Bl√•mes” in swedish) though since they’re so cute..

Yours, SockFusion 


Despite the title, we’ll begin with the slightly “calmer” news.

  • I’m free from school tomorrow! (A thing that only makes me and the rest of the people in my class happy, but still.. shared happiness is a little bit greater?) And… I still have a ton of homework to ‘machete’ my way through or something…
  • Ate dinner with dad and sisters today¬†, although I’m still a bit frightened of pizza.. because of one particular ‘incident’ a few months ago… (believe me when I say.. you don’t want to know…) I actually ate some today – Aaand I also had some.. Panna cotta – for the first time ever! 0_o It was good, but I think I can make a better one, hehe… will be one of my projects to come ;P
  • Last week I ran too much, which resulted in this terrible pain in my left knee. Just a month left to the 5 km race in school! I have to improve my time, but things aren’t looking very good right now.. School nurse told me to go see a doctor :/
  • I’m obsessed with oat milk . I really really like the flavour of it, since it reminds me of the milk that’s left when you’ve eaten some sugary muesli or something (granola/crunchy/start…). And I like oats. I believe this is one of my benefits, just as I like broccoli and dislike hamburgers, sponge-cake and low-quality chocolate… those things are impossible for me to eat…

And then there’s the ‘DRAMA’ of todays post… which is a video. I can’t tell you anything else about it. Just watch it… because it is just simply AMAZING.. I wish I was there…

Well, good night to you all – I’ll try to get some of the sleep I missed last night .. and the night before that.. >_>

// SockFusion 

[yawn] – Hello, Hello!

Been a while! But I caught myself willingly to post something today ^^

It must be the lack of sunlight here, because I’m oh so tired all the time and my skin isn’t any better :< [yawn] (again). School does certainly not make me more energized, had a math exam this morning so I began school at 8.10. Regular time for the rest of the week but not on tuesdays since we end school at 16.50… with PHYSICS! And it's laboration 0.0 . That's the lesson where everyone tend to end up laughing nervously on the edge to a mental breakdown since measuring stuff when your head is kinda spinning.. isn't easy as a pie..

We at least got to read the WHOLE english lesson ^___^
I'm reading – or was reading “one more day” by Mitch Albom. Sad story, great book and a lot of thoughts afterwards – READ IT!

[Changing subject completely]

Yesterday I finally got my package from H&M ^^. Some clothes that were on sale and a new duvetcover set ;P
I needed to freshen things up now when spring comes so I’ll change my icy lagerhaus set (nothing bad about lagerhaus though) for something somewhat juicier ūüėÄ ~Have a look under the blocks of text…

Other than that, I’ve begun to paint my nails again, even put som sparkle on them and, this time I didn’t mess it up – easy to be unpatient when it dries…

One thing I’m especially proud of is the random thing I did friday morning. Had no idea we were going to practice chinese calligraphy in mandarin class, but we did! The instructor, who was a friend of our teacher was a physics student at the Lund University [Thinking about studying computer technology w chinese orientation there…]. He said I was quite good haha! (could be because I did the character at least 20 times over and over again before painting it on the ‘fine’ paper… heh – judge for yourselves…
I’m at least yearning for more… think I’ll bring out my own set of brushes and some ink ;P

*Just as Emil once did, the pink panther instantly fell asleep among the cherries… like a little pig. Though the time Emil did so… the cherries tasted a bit different XD

*My nails this week!

*The chinese character “Yong”, śįł – pronounced with third tone. It means “Eternity” or “Forever”, “Always” which I sometimes want things to last.. but on the other hand – new things can be just as good!

// SockFusion

A cup of tea and some chemistry with that..

Bliget.. Wait what? .. Ok ok… *changes keyboard from Swedish to English* so – now autocorrect wont bother me that much anymore… We’ll start over again;

Bought a really cute box of tea last weekend (when it comes to design I sometimes just can’t resist things) and decided to try it out now. Cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours.. I eat it almost every day with sourmilk, sometimes even twice a day! Just hope I don’t get poisoned XD (yes it’s a little toxic in larger doses or many small doses, accumulating). Anyways, it tasted almost like cha√Į, which is one of my other favourites^^ hmm, think the top three would look a little like this;

    1. Peppermint (Herbal)
    2. Cha√Į (Black)
    3. Cinnamon (Black)
    4. Strawberry (Black)

O_0 I remembered the command for ordered list! Ah, well – all of this reminds me of two things;

    1. When I drank a liter of tea for breakfast
    2. When I worked in a small tea-shop

The first thing made it quite fun to dance.. I felt like a waterbaloon! XD and the latter one was just really nice, I was about 13 going 14 then and it was my first ‘real’ job. They sold interior stuff, candy and tea – lots of tea. I refilled the boxes, mixed tea and weighed it and packed it in small paper packages. Think I’m getting old, since I’ve come to miss that time…

Or it’s just because I have a ton of homework to do, like studying for the test in organic chemistry – so far three pages of rehearsal is written.. So I guess this is the point where I leave you, ;P
Though with a picture! ^_____^


Yours, SockFusion